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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  October 22, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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they finalized plans toe attend a u.n. climate change conference that starts in paris
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next month. condo residents near tokyo are worried about their future as an investigation reveals their homes are not built on solid grown. and chinese officials aim to turn the country's inland areas into a any engine of growth linking china with central asia and beyond. china's president wrapped up the second day of the visit to the u.k. at a lavish bank yet held in his honor not financial district. he set out hopes for relations with britain. >> translator: i hope britain assume a leadership position and sets an example to western countries in cooperating with china. i know britain will fulfill the aspiration to become our strongest advocates. >> remarks come as western nations express weariness about their increasing influence. they were the first country to announce they led the infrastructure bank despite u.s. opposition. earlier in the day, xi and
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british prime minister sealed deals worth about $62 million. they finalized plans to settle a long running saga on carbon emissions and plans to head to paris on climate change which starts next month. negotiators try to agree on a new global framework requiring developing countries to reduce emissions beyond 2020. the frame work replaces the current protocol that obliges industrial countries to cut emissions. they believe this necessary to resolve numerous challenges. >> translator: we will do our best to help work out a new fair and effective global frame work in paris, one in whichll countries will participate. >> if abe goes, here's the first japanese prime minister to
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attend a climate conference in six years. he wants to stress using cutting edge technology. >> people in japan are warming up to each other, but just a little. most who answered an opinion poll said opinions are negative, but the number is down slightly from last year. the poll conducted by nongovernmental group, and the china international publishing group. more than 2,000 people responded. 89% had good feelings, and 78%% were negative, down nine points, 33% wanted to visit japan, up three points. around 36% of japanese said they
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wanted to travel to china. ties between the two nations are important. china ease economic slow down is forcing a japanese auto maker to change production plans. gene otani has the business headlines, gene? >> thanks, james. zblmpl executives shelving plans to create a new factory, making the call after months of declining auto sales in the world's second largest economy. they were talking of building a new plant as early as this year, and they would have been used between the japanese car maker and a local firm. executivings decided to change the plan as new car sales in china fell year on year for the fifth straight month in august. honda boosted output this month in a different plant in china,
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and the auto maker has the capacity to roll out more than a million vehicles per year in the country, exceeding honda sales goal for the year. executives in a major auto maker are feeling the effects they reported a fall in operating profits for the sixth straight quarter. company officials blame the drop on slumping sales in emerging economies such as china and brazil. executives say the company sold more th 1.1 million units, down .6% of the same period last year. operating profit was $1.3 billion, down 9% in yuan terms, the lowest quarterly profit since the fourth quarter of 2010. they spent more on marketing to counter car makers amid the weakening yen and euro. the corporation is expected
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to be the first japanese firm to build a thermal plant in turkmenistan. projects in the country have mainly been awarded to u.s. makers. sources say turkmenistan's country will issue a contract worth $30 million for the project. the gas fired power plant is constructed in the north eastern part of the country with an output of 400 megawatts. sources say the power systems will supply turbines and power jen rapters as part of the new project. infrastructure exports are one of prime minister's growth strategies. the government and corporation are expected to sign a contract during abe's tour. tokyo stocks fell thursday with the nikkei average snapping two days of gains. we have the details from the tokyo stock exchange. many investors in tokyo sold
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shares to book profits from recent rallies, but experts for fresh stimulus by the bank of japan provide lift to the sentiment. the nikkei was down .6% closing down at 18435. it lost ground in the afternoon on profit taking. the broader topix fell more than .5% pushing the index lower was the corporation, shares dropping more than 10% after the heavy machinery maker cut the full year net profit forecast by more than half. honda motor is down 1.2% on the news they will shelf construction on the new factory in china, but another auto maker, hino, up 2.8%, the truck maker reportedly posting a 9% increase in operating profit for the first half of 2015. on strong demand in japan and
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mexico. trend microadded 3.3% after acquiring hp intrusion prevention division. they are cementing the company's position as an enterprise security provider. all in all, investors in tokyo stayed on the sidelines ahead of key central bank polic meetings next week including in the u.s. and japan. >> all right, giang, thanks. moving on to other markets in the asia pacific region. in china, the shanghai recooped about half its losses from yesterday's plunge, gaining 1.45% closing at 3 368. some cheered business deals with britain. sydney added 0.3%, and resource related shares hit on lower commodity prices, but oil producer, santos, spike 16% after rejecting a takeover bid
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which drove up other energy shares. hong kong back from holiday finishing the day down 0 %, and they snapped the five day winning streak. singapore up 0 .4%, and mumbai was closed for a holiday. here's a look at other stories we are following. the wire maker open a new manufacturing plant in russia. workers will produce automobile parts called harnesses. the wire department employs 120 people, mostly locals. they plan to increase the number of workers to 400 by the end of next year. officials say they expect app newel sales of more than $18 million. regular flights between japan and mainland china likely to increase by over 25%. aviation officials are expected to soon announce about a thousand such itineraries per week. the increase comes as the number of chinese visitors to japan
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hits a record high. we hear a lot about networks in business, online and offline, but there's times it feels better to work alone. our next story looks at products designed to help people disconnect, and they are showing that privacy does not need a high-tech solution. >> reporter: solitude in a crowd, you just have to know where to find it. this university cafeteria set up a new seating arrangement last year, and students have a name for it. botch is japanese for alone, and that's what the wall side table students are doing, looking for private space. when there's not a wall, a petition works just as well. >> i don't have to worry about other people. it's nice to eat alone.
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>> translator: i feel more comfortable eang alone when i want to check twitter or chat online. >> reporter: the manager says botch seats are good for business. customer numbers are up 10%. >> translator: we have all kinds of students these days. i think setting up the botch seats wened choices available for those who want to eat alone. >> reporter: these entrepreneurs are also offering solitude. any time, any place. their product is made from card board. asemisemble the box. attach your smart phone or tablet computer. and the private screening begins. inside, you have the best seat
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in the house. the solo theaters will be on sale soon. the developer's confident it will sell. he sought help on line to commercialize the idea and raised more funds than expected. >> translator: frankly, the response was beyond expectations, though i hope some people are interested. i guess we were able to meet the needs of those who want to see a movie alone lying down. >> reporter: and he's not alone in thinking outside the box. this store at the tokyo game show attracted a steady crowd. visitors lined up to test a product one at a time. >> translator: enjoy the comfort of being alone. it's like being in a closet. >> reporter: a tent for indoor use creates a private study.
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>> translator: i feel more at ease somehow. >> translator: i feel very relaxed. >> translator: i can concentrate on computer work or games when it's dark around me. just right. >> reporter: the botch tent creation of an outdoor gear maker sells for around $70. the maker began pitching its privacy solution a year ago, and sales are beating targets. the product was developed in-house m an employee wanted to focus on his work, so he set up a tend over his desk. >> translator: some people at my company were skeptical at first. they asked, what's this? so i felt like i was being critici criticized, but when i put the colleagues inside, they said they wanted one for their deafs, so i thought, this could do well. tho >> reporter: those sells botch products says there's room to
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grow. many in the network world crave solitu solitude, and if the price is right, they'll happily pay for low tech privacy. >> that's all for business news. i'll leave you with the markets. a panel tasked with selecting new emblems for the 2020 olympics and paraolympics
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will be chosen before the final decision in spring. the originals were scrapped because of play jarrism and copyright violations gagainst te creator. the panel expects tens of thousands of entries as the competition was eased. the organizing committee for tokyo games with check for things like flaws in the application format and possible trademark violations. the panel will decide how to involve a large number of people in the selection process doing such things as releasing the short list of designs to the public and holding a popular vote. >> translator: we want to find a good way to examine the designs openly. we expect a lot of people toscr process. >> at the start of next year, the panel begins a closer examination of the designs that pass initial screening. condo residents in tokyo are worried about the safety of
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their homes, watching a scandal unfold over sub standard construction work beneath their feet, and the problems they deal with puts into question the safety of many more buildings. nhk world reports. >> translator: the head of the firm whose subsidiary did sub standard construction work said they will thoroughly look into the cause of the problem. >> translator: we will place priority on the safety and peace of mind of the residents. >> reporter: hispology is over this condo built in 2007, but now found to be tilting. the problem came to light last year after residents reported a growing difference in the heights of railings. the companies that built and sold the cop doe are
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investigating. they found the underground pilings that support the building were not driven deep enough and don't touch bedrock and revealed the sub contractor falsified data concerning the amount of crete used in the piling work. this could have real consequences in earthquake-prone japan where there are strict laws on building codes. the real estate company advertised the units as being built on solid ground. this couple was sold on that promise. they bought one of the units brand new using a retirement payout. >> translator: the problem has come at a time when we want to live happily here until we die, so this is very unfortunate. we want the contractor and other involved parties to compensate for this. >> reporter: these photographs were taken after the powerful earthquake and tsunami in march
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2011. they said their building experienced stronger jolts than others. they've been offered several solutions by the real estate company including buying back the unit, rebuilding the complex, and compensation. michael dick, nhk world. >> chinese leaders move to prop up areas in the country's interior that lagged behind the affluent regions on the coast part of the president's new silk road initiative. the plan aims to create an economic belt linking china's interior with countries in central asia and europe. at the center of the initiative is a series of massive development projects in the province. >> reporter: out in the middle of the gobi desert, the sun r
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rereflects off number of solar panels. this used to be a trading post on the ancient silk road. now they are turning it into the center for natural energy. this solar power farm covers an area of 40 square kilometers and still growing. they expect to raise the upput to 5,000 megawatts by 2020. >> translator: we build wind powered generation as well as solar power. >> reporter: a desert highway leads to a complex, a lack of transportation infrastructure long hampered the development of china's inland areas, so authorities have built nine railway lines connecting this to other parts of the country. an international airport has been completed. >> we are linked with major cities across china, and also
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with countries to the west. we'll profit from our strategic location in becoming a key transport hub. >> reporter: leaders in beijing are boosting the country's engagement with central asia. the new silk road initiative foresees an economic belt linking china with countries such as kazakhstan rich in natural resources. this route will carry surplus chinese goods to the region and europe. officials aim to turn the area into what they call the diamond junction of the new silk road. trade centers and high-rise c condominiums are popping up throughout the area, hoping to draw investment from foreign companies, but so far, only a couple of local firms have set up shop. they say foreign companies will get access to the area's rich deposits, cobalt, nickel, and
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other rare metals. they are putting forward an initiative to create a hub of leading edge industries like aerospace, lek tropics, and high-tech companies, but no specific strategy is set up yet to attract businesses from abroad. >> translator: our development program is state authorized. we're confident about being successful. >> reporter: this apartment complex is without tenants. officials say they had to put up buildings first in order to draw investment, but critics warn the construction is going ahead without a demand forecast. it might end up in massive debts for the local government. the success of the new silk road initiative will hinge on how much chinese leaders are willing to invest in the project to ensure it turns into a new engine of growth. you're watching "newsline"
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live from tokyo. we have this hour's update starting with the widespread rain in italy. >> yes, a series of low pressure systems brings heavy rainfall and strong winds to italy. severe flooding is hitting the southern areas. we have video from the southern areas of italy. recent heavy rains have caused widespread damage in southern italy. the river burst its banks and flooded a couple districts. volunteers started help up clean up the debris from floods and landslides coming several days after the previous storm kill at least five people in the same region. now, the same system dropped about 400 millimeters of rainfall in sicily, that's four times more than the monthly rainfall for october, so 400 millimeters of heavy rain fell in one day on wednesday. the weather maker is lated over the balkan peninsula,
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pulling away from italy, and conditions will finally improve as we go into the end of thursday, however, this peninsula and turkey sees more stormy conditions into friday as well as the weekend, so athens will see continued thundershowers and windy conditions friday into saturday. going to asia we have been talking about koppu, but it l d landed sunday, weakening to a tropical depression as the clouds are starting to disappear from the satellite imagery, but it's still a tropical depression bringing rainfall to the north of the philippines, and rs in fact, due to the storm, at least 30 people were killed in the philippines. the next target is they wan and southwestern islands of japan. more rain is anticipated in the area into the weekend. there's a typhoon expected to affect the islands starting tonight into tomorrow morning. winds up to 110 kilometers per
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hour, and waves up to 6 meters. be prepared for the stormy conditions. very different story, high pressure in place, still covering much of japan and the korean peninsula, and china bringing sunny conditions, but the coldest air of the season is dropping from the north, lowering temperatures to be going into the weekend. harbin 6 degrees saturday, and sapporo may have the first snowfall of the season sunday. mexico, there's a newly formed hurricane to the south of mexico. patricia is expected to intensify to a major hurricane and hit center coast of mexico friday local time. strong winds are expected along with 500 millimeters of rain in coast tallow kagss. watch for flooding and landslides. rain has been tremendous in the southern united states. we are hearing a lot of reports
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of flooding and landslides and reports of hail in new mexico as well as texas and more rain is expected, so flooding is going to be a continued concern. don't try to drive through flooded roadways because the water depth could be much deeper than you think. now, temperatures are pleasant in the eastern united states. all right. that's all for me now. here's your extended forecast.
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one more item before we leave you. hobbyists showed off maneuvers ahead of japan's first drone flying competition next month. operators conducted test flights in a race site near tokyo. the coming event aimed at using the safe use of drones after a series of public disturbances involving the unmanned aircraft, including b a drone landing on the roof of the prime minister's roof in april. they flew through an obstacle using monitors receiving images from the droep's cameras. the tiny craft buzzed around at 60 kilometers per hour. >> translator: i want people to know how much fun and how useful drones are. at the same time, i hope people become more skillful at operating them and more knowledgeable about the risks. >> contenders in the race have
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to be licensed amateur radio operators, but spectators will also get a chance to try their hand. looks like drones will be a part of our lives.
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an ambitious plan, but one that is so far down to earth . you are watching "life from paris -- "live from paris," bringing you all the international news. john kerry says it is critical to hold all the violence in the thele east -- to halt all violence in the middle east. meanwhile, there has been another stabbing. a record number of m


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